2023 MOTHER’S DAY CHALLENGE – MAY 12-14, 2023

  • 85 teams in age divisions 8U CP thru 14U
  • Teams traveled from 4 different states; Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia
  • The event featured the following fields: 3 Rivers Field Complex, Monroeville Park West, Plum, Pullman Park, West Field, and Woodland Hills High School

8U CP Champions: Canes PA – 412 | Runner-Up: Peters Township Ruscello

8U KP Champions: HCYP Raiders | Runner-Up: Beaver Valley Red

9U Open Champions: Pittsburgh Outlaws Black | Runner-Up: Plum Power

9U Elite Champions: Flood City Elite | Runner-Up: Canes PA – 412

10U Open Champions: West Hills  | Runner-Up: Pittsburgh Scrappers

10U Elite Champions: Peters Township Red 10U  | Runner-Up: Premier Athletics Blenda

11U Open Champions: Brad Mar Pine Athletics Gold  | Runner-Up: Pittsburgh Outlaws Black

11U Elite Champions: Pittsburgh Outlaws Orange | Runner-Up: Pittsburgh Outlaws Grey

12U Open Champions: SC Allies | Runner-Up: Bullpen Bulls 12U – Force

12U Elite Champions: Flood City Elite – Serenko | Runner-Up: Pittsburgh Outlaws Orange

13U Open Champions: Team All American – Bondi | Runner-Up: Pittsburgh Outlaws Black

13U Elite Champions: Beaver Valley White | Runner-Up: Pittsburgh Outlaws Orange

14U Champions: Armory Baseball | Runner-Up: Flood City Elite – Strick