The ACB Spring Swing is a 4 game guarantee baseball tournament taking place in Bridgeport, West Virginia, hosted by AC Baseball. All games will be played at the Bridge Sports Complex in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Pool Play Games will begin Saturday morning at 8AM and continue throughout Saturday. On Sunday, all teams will advance into Bracket Play. Typically teams will play 2-3 Pool Play games before advancing to Bracket Play.

Quick Tournament Facts

Bridge Sports Complex

Bridgeport Recreation Complex is a 4 field complex located in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Each field features amenities including irrigated grass areas, bullpens, and 2 batting cages. There is also a restroom/concession/press box building on site.

The first floor includes: a large concession stand with three serving windows; large restrooms; family restroom; and office.

The second floor press box area includes an umpire changing room, restroom, and the scorekeepers’ station overlooking each field is equipped with an intercom to the dugouts, loudspeaker system, and scoreboard controls.

Field #1 – Large Baseball Field, sponsored by The Thrasher Group, Inc.

Grass infield, 90’ baselines, Outfield fence 325’ in right and left fields, 375’ in center field.

Field #2 – Youth Baseball and Softball Field

Outfield fence at 225’, Skinned infield, Baselines at 60’, 65’ , No metal or steel cleats on portable mounds

Field #3 – Baseball and Softball Field

Skinned Infield, Outfield fence at 325’ in right and left fields, 375’ in center field, Baselines at 60’, 65’, 70’ and 90’, No metal or steel cleats on portable mounds

Field #4 – Youth Baseball Field, sponsored by Bridgeport Little League

Grass infield, Outfield fences at 225’, Baselines at 60’